Laptop Memory & Desktop Memory Products

RAM Memory Australia is proud to be associated with the internationally renowned brand of Kingston and provides branded products for all your computer needs.

The computer's memory is the core that needs to be of finest to tackle your every business and commercial need. Every type of data that is processed in it is stored and should be easy to access and without any troubleshooting. This is possible with a wide range of products by Kingston.

As resellers of this brand, we provide memory modules for laptop, desktop, server, and motherboard. We also sell memory for system builders and performance memory that is a specialized niche for gaming. Each of these is engineered to cater to the specific needs of enthusiasts, making the experience high powered with lower latencies and reduced power consumptions.

If your needs are to make your information and vital data portable, we have a variety of Kingston datatraveler USB flash drive ranges that cater to your every business on the go. Micro SD cards, Kingston SDHC cards and compact flash drives make life easier.

Kingston's products come with 100% compatibility guarantee that functions in tandem with branded systems of Compaq Presario, Sony Vaio or family of systems.

For any memory needs for your system or to understand what type of memory will enhance your current computer setup, or if you need to upgrade to a gaming platform, write to us or call us. You can order all Kingston products online anytime.

Almost every business in the market is online. Whether it is small business, medium business, large business or even big corporations, their services and products are being offered in the virtual world. Even in households, we all rely on our computers for our daily needs. Needless to say, if we are working in the virtual world, we will need a good back up of our data, files and other important documents, and for that we will need a good memory. We often hear about essential files getting corrupt leading to immense losses. The only solution lies in getting sufficient and dedicated memory for our files and data.

If you are looking for a generic memory solution that is competitively priced with a lifetime warranty, then the best option lies in Kingston solid state drives, Kingston hyperx memory and Kingston datatraveler vault. All these products are 100-percent tested and serve not only those huge corporations and businesses, but also the needs of gamers and PC enthusiasts. Designed with the PC users in mind, these products are meet industry standard specifications. The memory, whether it is laptop memory, desktop memory, server memory or motherboard memory, is tested and manufactured according to the specifications of every brand and computer system. Thousands of customers use consumer usb flash drive, business usb flash drives, Kingston datatraveler as well as Kingston compact flash drives for their needs. Kingston products carry high reputation in the market and are designed to meet industry standard specifications.

Available in various Memory Stick formats, Kingston micro sd/sdhc cards and Kingston compact flash drives offer stiff competition to the other products in the market. Offering comparable capacity and speed, these products are faster and smaller. Kingston sd/sdhc cards and Kingston valueram belong to the next generation card format targeted at high- storage capabilities.

Just keep in mind the memory you need and buy according to the specification of your device whether it is a pc or laptop. Kingston products in the market are the only one that you can return. Get support high speeds for maximum system performance with Kingston SD/SDHC Cards and Kingston HyperX memory that are tried and tested for ultimate performance. Get your performance memory backed by reputation of Kingston and its top quality and great customer support. Kingston offers warranty to the end user customer that all its products are free of any workmanship defects and the company will repair or replace any of its products if found defective.